Pregnancy is an intense stage characterized by changes and emotions, so it is normal that we constantly ask what is and is not recommended during pregnancy. And one of the most frequent questions of mothers has to do with the days of beach, sun and relaxation, is it wrong to take the pregnant sun? Can it have any consequences on the baby? In we clarify this doubt in detail.

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Is it bad to sunbathe pregnant?

The answer is the same that we could give to anyone: take pregnant sun is not harmful provided it is done in moderation and properly .

The sun affects pregnant women in the same way as any other person, so it is important not to take it in excess to avoid UV / UVA damage and always do so at the recommended time: before 11:00 and after Of 16:00.

Care your skin

It is very important that if you’re going to take the pregnant sun take care the most of your skin by applying a cream with high sun protection factor , i.e 30 fps on. This care, that anyone should have to sunbathe, should especially be fulfilled in pregnant women, because do not forget that during the hormonal changes of pregnancy the appearance of spots on the skin is common, and the sun could accentuate or worsen State of your dermis, so watch out.

Better in a chair and with umbrella pregnancy

Better in a chair and with umbrella

Surely you know that , being pregnant involves charging an important weight constantly, so it is necessary to provide a more comfortable stay on the beach if you want to sunbathe in pregnancy , especially in the last months of pregnancy.

The recommendation is to bring a chair to be more comfortable and prevent the weight of the belly pressing the sciatic nerve. It is also ideal to take an umbrella to rest the sun and the heat in your stay on the beach, this way you will be much more comfortable.

And the belly can I expose in pregnancy?

If you want to sunbathe pregnant  to wearing bikini no problem! That your belly is exposed will not cause any harm to the baby, who is perfectly protected and hydrated in your belly. You also have the option of wearing a full bathing suit in case you do not feel comfortable exhibiting your tummy, you decide.

This article is purely informative,  we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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