Since its commercialization in 1960, the pill has caused controversy and many studies, it is now a favorite for women around the world choices due to its high percentage of protection against unwanted pregnancies, being the most effective of all methods. But many women face questions before making the decision to use the pill, it is why we tell you how birth control pills work

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In our body

The pill is a hormonal contraceptive that can be based on estrogen or progestin , its function is to eliminate the menstrual cycle so that the production of eggs needed for pregnancy is deleted. During consumption, despite the fact that the woman continues to experience menstruation, it is rather something “false”, in the sense that our body never produced what is necessary to store a human embryo due to the consumption of hormones present in the pill

How the 21-ounce pill works

If you buy a contraceptive containing 21 pills should take a day to complete 21 days, then you wait 7 days to start a new package during this period will experience menstruation, 2 to 4 days after stopping the intake, after 7 days You must start the cycle again. To increase effectiveness it is recommended to take the pill every day at about the same time

How the 28-ounce pill works

If you buy a contraceptive containing 28 pills , 21 of them contain hormones, the rest is just placebo, this presentation is ideal for women who fear forgetting start a new pack on the day indicated, since they never stop taking the pill , it Which hinders the possibility of forgetting

When we are no longer protected

It is very important to know that the pill does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases, it is only used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to use condoms against STDs. Some types of medications, as well as illnesses in which continuous vomiting and diarrhea occur may make the pill’s effect diminished, so you should use birth control methods, it is important to always read the directions and warnings that come with the pills

Side effects

Many women do not take the pill for fear of getting fat, one of the most popular side effects. The reality is that science has come a long way and there are fewer pills that produce this effect in the body, also in the market you can find some brands with very little hormonal load, so that changes in weight, mood and pain In the breasts are smaller and even infrequent. Other real side effects are the risk of thrombosis, especially if you are a smoker, although it is important to consult the indications of each brand, as the effects may vary depending on the brand

In what cases, if, in what cases

Women who experience irregular periods, hormonal problems or poly-cystic ovaries are often the candidates to take the pill more for their hormonal effects that their properties to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Similarly some women do not tolerate the pill due to certain pathologies or reactions, so they must resort to alternative methods of protection

Always consult your gynecologist

If you have never contraceptives shots is mandatory to consult your gynecologist before you do, why ?, because only he can tell you what is the best contraceptive depending on your menstrual cycle, your health and your previous pathologies, telling you which contains the best hormonal burden for you. If you have tried a brand but you do not feel comfortable, you experience any side effects and you feel that your health is affected, it is necessary to consult your doctor to evaluate and indicate another type of pill or method
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  • The contraceptive pill is one of the best methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but before taking it it is important to consult your doctor
  • If you have forgotten the pill and feel you may be at risk, use alternative methods of protection such as condoms