The combination skin is perhaps the most skin types difficult to care , because it is characterized by facial T – zone (forehead, nose and chin) fat and glitter , while the cheeks and around the eyes are dry. This makes it necessary to have a very specific care that, at the same time, can provide the hydration required by dry areas but not greasing the others. We show you in detail how to care for mixed skin in order to always look beautiful, radiant and full of life.

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1. The daily facial cleansing is a step you should not skip if you want to take good care of combination skin . In fact, it is necessary to clean and purify the face twice a day, morning and night. To do this, use a specific cleaning gel for this type of skins, water-based gels are preferable to soaps that are more aggressive. Apply the gel with circular movement in the T-area of ​​the face to remove excess fat and then do it lightly in the other areas.

 daily facial cleansing
2. Then, avoid removing the gel with hot water, as it can produce more secretion of sebum and dry the skin, damaging its natural barrier and, consequently, accelerating its aging. Ideally, it should be done with cold or warm water. The care of the mixed skins requires the application of a tonic to eliminate impurities, to close pores and to freshen the dermis.

secretion of sebum
3. The hydration is key in any type of skin but always adapting it to your needs. In the case of mixed skin , it is essential to use an oil-free moisturizer , that is, free of oils and those with astringent, antiseptic and soothing formulas. To apply it, you should extend little of the product by the cheeks, which is the area that requires more hydration, and then the rest of the face.

mixed skin

4.  The mixed skins , with the effects of time, tend to develop sagging, so it is advisable to choose creams with vitamin C to help care for the skin firm and smooth mantiéndola.
In addition, you can complete the application of these creams with a mask rich in vitamin C made from ingredients such as orange, kiwi and honey. Discover the complete recipe in How to make a vitamin C mask and you will see the great vitality that it brings to your face.

creams with vitamin C
5. A perfect care for mixed skin is to perform an exfoliation and apply a nourishing mask once a week. Cosmetics are required for skin with imperfections that also need hydration. There are face masks concentrated in clays, menthol, blue algae, etc., which are very good, but you can also make some homemade crushed tomatoes, oats and lemon.

perfect care for mixed skin
6. To prevent your face from looking shiny when you makeup, choose a matt and oil-free makeup base. Translucent powder is a good cosmetic to use in the greasier areas of mixed skins. Do not forget to always keep your makeup tools clean, so you avoid accumulating dirt and grease on the skin.

oil-free makeup base

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