How to Celebrate Valentine at Home

The Valentine ‘s Day is the day of love par excellence and the lack of economic resources should not be an obstacle to celebrate. We always have the option of holding the February 14 at home and there are many ways to make it special: beautifully decorated, with a surprise, a romantic dinner with a romantic soundtrack … what you had not Happened? Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day at home and enjoy a very special evening.

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1.    To celebrate Valentine ‘s Day at home, you can start decorating the house: for example, you can put some scented candles at the entrance, in the hall, so that when between your partner and perceive the intimate and special atmosphere you have created for the occasion. You can continue, leaving romantic notices throughout the house to continue fomenting romanticism. And in your bedroom, you can also put some candles, as well as rose petals on the bed, which will make the room super special.

decorating the house

2.   Another idea to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day at home is preparing a romantic dinner or , indeed, an aphrodisiac dinner special for the occasion. Are you worried that you are not a good chef? Nothing happens, you can prepare a simple recipe and cook it yourself, sure that your partner values ​​very much that the dinner you have prepared you. Whatever happens, what can not miss is a delicious dessert: a good ice cream or a rich strawberries with cream are a good choice. That never fails.

A night of passion on Valentine's Day

3.   To celebrate Valentine ‘s Day at home, you can also do something special with children . If it is your case, you can involve them in this day. The children are the fruit of love so you can share with them on Valentine’s Day. For example, you can prepare a dinner together in the living room, with delicious ingredients for all tastes. To make it more special, you can prepare dinner on the floor, with a tablecloth and many cushions around, like a picnic.

Valentine 's Day at home, you can also do something special with children

4.   Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by opening a special gift? Needless much money you spend, you can prepare an album with photos of all your special moments. For example, that trip that you did together, the first kiss, your wedding if you are married, the first Christmas together, an evening with other friends, the moment I told you the first time I love you and of course, if you have children, Those photos of your little ones can not miss.  Surely you spend a very special time remembering together all the moments that you have lived and those that you lack to live.

prepare an album with photos
5.   A special way to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day at home is enjoying a concert. Yes, you can enjoy a concert without leaving the house even if it seems a lie. Today, there are many concerts of famous artists who have their concerts on DVD, whether national or international artists. Choose your partner’s favorite and put it as background music, while tasting a delicious wine.

celebrate Valentine 's Day at home is enjoying a concert
6.   If you have the opportunity to leave the children with a family member, you can use to give you a luxury together: it sure makes time that you do not have the chance to enjoy a relaxing bath together at home. If it is your case, fill the bathtub with water and foam, put some aromatic candles, lower the intensity of the light, and enjoy moments of intimacy, without noise and without haste.

 relaxing bath together at home

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