How to choose a make-up remover

The make-up remover are products that we need to use daily if we make up and want to leave our completely clean and free of debris skin. It is important to keep in mind that if we do not remove makeup, the skin will accumulate dirt and will end up looking dull and lifeless. Each type of skin needs specific cosmetics and, therefore, it is important to find the right one in each case. If you have doubts, in the following article , we show you how to choose a make-up remover based on the characteristics of your dermis. Take note!

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1.  Make-up before going to sleep is a task that should not be overlooked , and is that as experts say not doing so is a real crime for the skin. Think that all the makeup you apply on your face ends up creating a barrier in the skin that prevents the skin from breathing properly and if you do not eliminate it at the end of the day, the result will be a more opaque, dull and fatigued dermis.

To these problems will be added the appearance of impurities and acceleration of aging, because at night takes place the cellular renewal of the skin and it needs to be completely clean for this process to be done properly and you can look younger And radiant.

2. Now that you know the importance of removing makeup daily, you can find out what makeup remover is the ideal for you. Each type of skin needs special care and the application of certain products; Therefore, you must choose the make-up remover according to the characteristics of your dermis and ensure a good cleaning.

Sure you already know if your skin is greasy or mixed, dry, normal, sensitive … but if you have any doubt, we advise you to consult the article How to know my skin type , there you will find the particularities of each one of them and you will Correct with the subsequent choice of cosmetic products.

type of skin

3. The fat or combination skin suffer from an excess of sebum, which eventually leads to the appearance of facial shine and the appearance of impurities like pimples or blackheads. To combat these types of problems, cosmetic products are needed to curb oil and fat production of the skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose water-based make-up removers , the most suitable being those that come in gel form. These clear up easily and leave the skin completely clean and fresh. On the contrary, cleaners with oils or very creamy should be avoided, since they could accentuate the problem of excess sebum.

water-based make-up removers

4.  If, however, your skin is dry and tends to dryness, to be rough and with desquamated areas, you should know that what you need is an extra hydration. The make-up removers ideal for this type of skin are those soft that moisturize and favor the retention of water in the dermis. So we advise you to choose milks or cleansing creams that do not have to be clarified, will eliminate the makeup perfectly while nourishing the skin of the face. Discard those aggressive gels and soaps that can intensify dryness and irritation.

milks or cleansing creams

5. Is your skin sensitive? Then, it will be crucial that you know about all the products that you can apply, since a bad choice will lead to redness, irritations and itching instantly. It is best to choose a make-up remover that is hypoallergenic that does not contain alcohol, fragrances or other irritating components. Removing the makeup with a non-rinse cleansing milk can be a great option to keep the dermis moisturized and in perfect condition.


6. Women who have normal skin can choose the facial cleanser they prefer, but our recommendation is to choose micellar water , a product that has turned out to be a revolution to remove face. Have you heard of them? It is a hypoallergenic lotion (which is also good for sensitive skin) that removes makeup while stilling and purifying the skin. It does not require rubbing or rinsing and is very easy to apply.

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