How to Choose a Sunscreen for the Face

Protect your face from UV / UVA rays , not only during the summer and beach days, but also when performing outdoor activities throughout the year, it is essential to ensure the health of the skin. In this way you make sure that your face is free of stains caused by the sun and is not affected by premature aging . However to do it properly is not enough to choose any sun cream, you must acquire a special product for the area. You do not know how to do ? in tipsfromexperts.orgĀ  we explain how to choose a sunscreen for the face perfect for you.

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1. Why is it important to use a sunscreen for the face and one for the body? For a very obvious reason: the skin of our face is much more sensitive than that of the body, being more prone to suffer the effects of sun exposure, burning, drying and showing spots and wrinkles. Moreover it is a complex skin with different needs, so it requires products with different components to protect it effectively.

2. Before choosing a sunscreen for the face is important to analyze what your skin type , because the more sensitive will require more sun protection. The usual photo-types are:

  • Photo-type I: those skins that always burn and never get tanned. Typical in very white people who usually have freckles and light colored hair, for example redheads.
  • Photo-type II: people with fair skin that sometimes get bronzed but in others they burn, especially if they do not use the proper protection.
  • Photo-type III: skins more prone to tanning, rarely burn.
  • Photo-type IV: those skins that always tan and never burn. They usually take color quickly and evenly.

3. If your skin type is the I or II should choose a sunscreen for the face with an SPF of 30 to 50, i.e the range of high protection as accounts with a delicate complexion and very sensitive to the sun.

4. For skin photo-types III and IV, the FPS of the sunscreen for the face can be between 15 and 20. It is not recommended to use a product with less sun protection for the face, because even if your skin resists the sun, you know that This area is much more sensitive.

5. In addition to the sun protection factor, it is important that when choosing a sunscreen for the face take into account these suggestions:

  • Opts for a recognized brand in facial care, much better if it is cosmetic because these brands or laboratories are specialists in the care of the face. If you are investing in a product for your face, then choose between the best.
  • Choose a product for the face that, besides sun protection, offers you nutrients like vitamin E, antioxidants or other compounds that guarantee the maximum health of your skin.
  • It is important that the sunscreen for the face that you choose is not greasy, but rather it is a light product, easy to apply and that allows your face to look perfect. There are alternatives for different skin types, so get the one that best suits your needs.
  • Always test the sunscreen for the face in your hand, this way you can evaluate if the product is light and suitable for you.

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