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How Contraceptive Patches Work

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How Contraceptive Patches Work

The contraceptive patches have become a method of preventing pregnancy very popular, especially because women should not remember daily ingest a
, which is convenient for many girls. The contraceptive patch and the pill has a 99% effective when used properly, making it an excellent alternative to avoid unwanted pregnancies. In we explain how contraceptive patches work .

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Effects of the contraceptive patch on our body

The contraceptive patches fulfill exactly the same function as the pill: release hormones progesterone and estrogen that go directly into our bloodstream in order to prevent pregnancy . On the one hand this contraceptive acts on our ovaries preventing the release of the eggs, in addition to influencing the thickness of the cervical mucus, making it difficult for the spermatozoa to pass into the uterus. Also this contraceptive gets the walls of the uterus thin a little, making it difficult for a possible fertilized egg to adhere to them.

All these actions make the chances of getting pregnant reduced to a minimum, as long as the contraceptive patch is used properly.

How the Birth Control Works

The contraceptive patch must adhere to the skin and can choose between four points of our body. Instead of taking a pill daily, we must change the patch once a week always the same day and at the same time that has been placed to ensure complete effectiveness. The patch is used for three weeks, a weekly, and then paused, because in the fourth week of use is when menstruation appears.

After the week of rest the patch is started again according to the previous instructions.

How to apply the contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch is highly resistant to extreme heat, sweating, water and other external factors, however to work properly and prevent pregnancy should be applied either by following these instructions:

  • The areas of the body on which you can apply the contraceptive patch are: the shoulder blade, upper arm, abdomen and buttocks, as seen in the picture. It is advisable to alternate the zones weekly.
  • To apply the patch you must do it in an area preferably free of tattoos, reliefs or large scars.
  • You should have clean, dry skin and no lotions or creams.
  • Peel off the patch and attach it to the indicated body part, holding it to your skin for 10 seconds.
  • Make sure the patch has been firmly attached to your skin, especially the ends.

apply the contraceptive patch

Advantages of the contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch has some advantages over other methods such as the pill, for example:

  • It protects us from an unwanted pregnancy regardless of whether we suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, something the pill can not guarantee.
  • It is a weekly, non-daily method like the pill.
  • It is a comfortable and discreet method of contraception.
  • It does not have any effect on the weight of the woman, besides presenting less side effects than other methods.

Disadvantages of Contraceptive Patch

But like any other method, this also has some points against:

  • Risk of pregnancy if the patch is detached for more than 24 hours without the woman noticing it.
  • In sensitive skin irritations may occur in areas where the patch is applied.
  • It is not indicated for women who are breastfeeding, nor for those suffering from obesity, heart or liver problems.
  • It has side effects like headache, abdominal or greater tendency to retain fluids .
  • Just like the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The condom is the only method that protects against STDs .

Can I use the contraceptive patch?

Whenever we go to choose the contraceptive method is convenient visit our gynecologist , because only a specialist can tell us what is the best alternative for us considering our times, our health condition, weight, age and other factors that shed what is the Better option.

If you have questions about whether the birth control patch is a good alternative for you, consult your doctor.

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  1. It is cool that this method of contraceptive is a weekly thing instead of daily. That does seem like ti would be easier to keep track of. I know that I would forget to take a pill every day.

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