Why do I feel alone if I am surrounded by people

The human being is a social animal by nature, contact with other people and relate to our loved ones is indispensable for our development. While it is true that there are people more independent than others, we all need an emotional balance represented by our near beings.

Despite this, the feeling of loneliness is one of the great plagues of the 21st century. Different studies explain that Western countries 1 in 3 people feel isolated, either regularly or very often. The emergence of social networks has only increased these feelings. Many people consider them a refuge where they can relate, when the truth is that the relationships that are created in the network are usually superficial, they are no substitute of real life.

If you often feel sad and unaccompanied, even though you may have a lot of people around you, in the following article we will explain why I feel alone if I am surrounded by people .

What is loneliness?

Many times we talk about solitude but  we really aware of what that word means? The truth is that the term loneliness can specify many different states, some even pleasant, so we should specify a little more . It means to be alone and the feelings that causes us. Essentially we can distinguish between 3 different types of solitude, and between them, there is much difference:

  • The imposed solitude or loneliness undetected is a negative mood, probably the worst that a person may subject the human being. It is the undetected deprivation of isolation from other beings and human contact. In these states of solitude, the person feels that something is missing, and that something, is to be able to share their life with their equals.
  • The chosen loneliness is a positive state of mind and can serve to grow as a person. As in the previous category you are alone, nevertheless, it has been done of own will, because in this way it achieves a propitious environment to listen itself. The chosen loneliness is the best way. We have to be able to do introspection, look inside ourselves and learn to enjoy our company. If we can do it in a healthy way, we will never be alone but we will be our own company.
  • The loneliness being accompanied is the most contradictory of all just as in the imposed solitude, the person lives with pain, in this state of mind prevails is the sadness and the feeling of emptiness. It can be given for many reasons, which we will explain later, such as feeling that it does not fit into an environment, that one is not valued or that we are physically but not emotionally.


Feeling alone in a couple or surrounded by people

If you propose to someone who describes you a situation of solitude, surely the first thing that will pass through your head is a prison, someone lost in a forest or an empty city. If we think of solitude, it is usually in terms of lack of contact. However, it is very common to feel lonely and empty even though we are surrounded by many people.

Why do I feel alone if I am surrounded by people?

Why loneliness is not a physical state, but a mental state. Loneliness, or the feeling of loneliness, is not about having someone close but is a feeling or condition that looks like anxiety or fear, subjective and internal perceptions of a person.

There are certain feelings that are linked to loneliness, which always go even. These are incomprehension, insecurity and sadness. Feeling alone even if you have people around is the manifestation that you feel misunderstood, that no one shares your tastes, preferences or opinions. However, insecurity prevents you from revealing yourself and imposing your own self, which leads to a feeling of sadness that encloses you in yourself and moves you away more and more from others.

Consequences of loneliness

Loneliness is a state unfit for human beings, company is like our oxygen so living alone or feeling alone is a kind of disease that carries many risks both psychological and physical. Here’s what the consequences of loneliness are:

  • Loneliness is not a feeling that appears by itself, but is usually accompanied by other emotions such as anxiety, fear or sadness. But above all, feel that we have a solid emotional support makes the self – esteem of the individual is undermined. Those people who feel alone can enter a spiral of losing interest in knowing or intimate with someone and in doing activities where they could meet like-minded people, which makes them even more lonely. In more severe cases, the feeling of loneliness can end up developing a depression .
  • But the consequences of loneliness are not only observed in the psychic field, but are also visible in the organism of the person who feels it. There are several scientific studies that show that feelings of loneliness weaken the immune system and are related to inflammatory processes that can lead to diabetes or arthritis , among other diseases.
  • On the other hand, there is research that ensures that not having emotional support and feeling alone significantly increases mortality in different diseases. Turning it over can be said that feeling accompanied and supported facilitates physical recovery after operations and during certain pathologies.

Consequences of loneliness

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness

As we have seen before there are different types of illness and although the external factors are very influential, trying to change our way of seeing the world we can change the perception of our feelings:

  • One thing you can do, change what you understand by loneliness; Take it as a chosen solitude, a perfect excuse to understand yourself and grow as a person . Redefine the goals of your life and throw yourself at them.
  • You should not have a passive attitude towards life, you are not the palm that bends to the passing of the hurricane and that resists all the adversities of life simply being. Do things you like , see places where you can meet people with the same tastes, there will be much easier to fit in and you will not be so difficult to interact with people.
  • Beyond these tips, we recommend that you visit a psychologist . These professionals can give you the necessary tools to get out of this loneliness.

This article is purely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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