The tendinitis occurs when overloading the limits of resistance of a tendon , either by excessive exercise, bad posture or the constant repetition of a movement, for example when working in certain trades. It is very common that this ailment occurs in the tendons of the shoulder , elbow, wrist and foot , so that in addition to the pain, they cause great discomfort to develop daily life. You should visit a doctor to examine you and give you the right treatment, but these tips on how to cure tendinitis will also be helpful .

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1.    The prevention of tendinitis is very important, especially when doing sports. For this, it will be necessary to carry out warm-up exercises prior to the development of the sport activity . We must warm all the muscles of the body, but especially those of the area on which we are going to work.

warm-up exercises prior to the development
2.    If you think you have tendinitis, you should go to a medical consultation for the specialist to examine and make the appropriate diagnosis. In this way, you can also prescribe the appropriate treatment that, in the case of inflamed tendons, is usually based on anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling and, therefore, pain.

anti-inflammatory drugs

3.    In some cases, to cure tendinitis, it will be necessary to immobilize the area in question , either through a bandage, plaster, etc. The goal will be to avoid sudden movements in that inflamed area and prevent it from becoming chronic pain.

necessary to immobilize
4.   It can also help treat tendinitis by performing a cold-heat treatment on the sore area . Cold packs should be applied for about 20 minutes about 5 times a day; For this, we can use ice wrapped in a cloth or towel so that it does not touch directly on the skin or opt for reusable compresses. On the other hand, we will also apply warm compresses about 4 times more during the same time.

5.   The massages are also often useful in cases of tendinitis , but should always be performed by a physical therapist or specialist, as otherwise they could be counterproductive.

massages are also often useful in cases of tendiniti
This article is purely informative, in TIPSFROMEXPERTS  we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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  • Do not overload your tendons and muscles.
  • Perform warm-ups before doing sports or physical activity.
  • Visit the doctor in case you think you have tendinitis.