17 ways to make money online you do not know

How many articles are there on the net that talk about ways to make money online? Hundreds? Thousands? Too many? Probably yes.

But there is a big problem: most of them do not want to help you . All they want is to sell you a course, a book, or anything else where they promise you that you will become a millionaire overnight.

But what is true is that there are many ways to make money online without having to invest anything, or starting with just a couple of dollars.

And here I will teach you 17 methods you do not know to start generating income from your home only with your computer and your Internet connection.

    1. Creating a Blog
    2. Writing texts for others
    3. Do you know another language? Make money translating!
    4. Earn $ 1,843 a month with this method
    5. Get extra cash by filling out surveys
    6. Sell ​​affiliate products
    7. Upload videos to YouTube
    8. Sell ​​photos online
    9. Get rid of what you no longer use
    10. Share files
    11. Publish your book on the Internet
    12. Work from home
    13. Create an online dropshipping business
    14. Do you like Facebook? Become a social network manager
    15. Get $ 5 for ANYTHING you know how to do
    16. Become an online teacher
    17. Make money with apps for your mobile

1. Creating a Blog

Creating a blog is my favorite method to start making money online.

Why? Because a blog has many advantages:

  • You will only need to work on it a couple of hours a day by writing simple texts on topics that you really like.
  • There are hundreds of ways to monetize a blog: affiliate marketing, including advertising, posting sponsored posts, selling your own products or services …
  • And best of all: the profits are very high and the initial investment is very low.

Today creating a blog is really simple: just think of a topic you like, get a domain and hosting to upload your files, and start writing articles on it.

You do not need to do anything else. Little by little, you will start receiving visitors and making money using the methods you choose to monetize your site.

Ways to Make Money Online

Writing texts for others

Not sure if opening a blog is for you? Become a freelance writer.

Approximately 86,400 new blogs are opened every day, and more than two million articles are published around the world. And many owners of those pages need people like you to write texts on their sites and pay them for it.

Look for deals of this type on sites like Freelancer.com, Earn Money Writing (Recommended) , or Upwork.com.

Do you know another language? Make money translating!

Knowing another language like English, French, Italian, or German can report you great income without having to leave your home.

Translation is a market that is growing more and more , and around the world there are millions of businesses and individuals who need others to provide these services.

In this sector there are many different jobs that you can do if you know another language: from translating texts simply s as documents or small items to books or web pages and entire blogs.

Make money translating

The best thing about this way of earning money is that you can dedicate the hours you want : you can do simple jobs in your free time, or dedicate to full time to translate from your home.

Some of the best websites to look for work as a translator are ProZ.com, TranslatorsCafe.com , or Upwork.com.

In this article you will learn 13 tips to get you started on this activity with success: 13 tips for being a successful home translator .

Earn $ 1,843 a month with this method

Many people are afraid to start investing in stocks because they think it is too risky or complicated for them. But there is one type of these investments that is simpler and carries a much lower risk.

These are binary options . In these investments it is not necessary to have great knowledge about stock market or wait for days to see results.

You just have to predict whether a type of asset will rise or fall , nothing more. In addition, there are brokers like IQ Option with which you can start to do your operations with only a couple of dollars.

Investing in binary options
I had a very hard time in my life when money was barely enough to pay my bills; And that was how I started in binary options, because I needed income to live.

I started by investing only $ 3 in each operation from my home using my computer, and little by little I was learning how this system worked.

After a couple of months I managed to generate $ 1,843 in a single month.

If you decide to invest in binary options , there are only two very important things to keep in mind: NEVER invest more than 10% of your profits, and if you do not have a strong character, forget about this method.

Get extra cash by filling out surveys

Filling in surveys is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Anyone can register on the different survey pages that exist, and give their opinion by answering simple questions.

The great advantage that I have the polls is that you can spend the time you want , in most cases it is very fun to answer the questions, and you can do it from anywhere: at home with your computer, or on the street With your cell phone.

Sell ​​affiliate products

If you want to generate income online, but you have no product or service to sell, affiliate marketing is a good option for you.

Here it is about promoting articles created by others (books, courses, or physical objects) and, for each product you sell, you will get a commission of the total price.

Normally you must register as an affiliate on the seller’s website, copy the link that you provide, and promote it in different media such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums, etc.

Some companies that offer good affiliate programs are Amazon or Clickbank .

Ways to Make Money Online

7. Upload videos to YouTube

YouTube has great potential to make money doing what you really like if you are not ashamed to get in front of a camera and share your opinions with everyone.

On this platform you can make money in three different ways. One of them is through the ads that will appear at the beginning of each of your videos.

Each time one of your followers sees those ads or clicks on them, you will receive a portion of the profits generated with that advertisement. For this, you must link your YouTube account with your Google Adsense account.

YouTube account with your Google
Another way is with affiliate marketing that I talked about in the previous point. You can create videos where you talk about different products, and put in the description box your affiliate links so your subscribers can buy them.

The third option is to contact companies (or that they contact you) that are related to the theme of your channel to see if they would like to promote your brand on your channel.

In this method the company usually sends a couple of their products for you to try and make videos talking about them to your followers, and as a reward (in addition to the articles sent) will pay you a sum of money to promote them.

Sell ​​photos online

This is a great way to create passive income on the Internet without much effort.

If every time you go out on the street you like to take pictures of everything you see, you can sell those images on different online platforms dedicated to it.

Some of these sites where you can upload photos to sell are photography-jobs.net, Depositphotos.com, Istockphoto.com, Fotolia.com or the Foap application for your cell phone.

The images can be taken both with a professional camera and with your smartphone ; But if you do with this last device remember that the photographs should be sharp , with good quality, and clear.

Sell ​​photos online


9. Get rid of what you no longer use

Do you have pants or a shirt that you never wear ? Do not know what to do with your old television, your old computer, or your dining table that you no longer use?

You can get good money by selling everything that no longer serves you to other people through online pages like eBay or eBay.

The process is really simple and will not take you long enough: make good photos of what you want to sell, create an ad with a good description and the images you took, publish it, and wait for potential buyers to appear.

It is true that perhaps the money that you take out will not be much, but you will be able to gain an extra and get rid of all the old junk that you have by your house and that they are only occupying space in your rooms.

Get rid of what you no longer use


10. Share files

There are different sites on the Internet where you can upload files to share with other people and every time someone clicks and downloads them, you will be paid a small commission for it.

It will not be a lot of money (a few cents per click), but it is a good way to get extra money each month without doing anything and totally free.

Some pages on which you can upload your files and get paid are Filebucks.org, Uploading.com , Sharecash.org, and 2downloadz.com.

Publish your book on the Internet

Do you like to write and dream that your works are read by millions of people around the world? If the answer is yes, you can generate good profits by publishing your own book on the Internet.

There are many sites like Amazon , Bubok, or Lulu where you can publish your novels totally free and in a simple way.

Work from home

If what you really need is a job with a well paid salary, but you are making it difficult for you to be hired in offline companies, start working from home as a freelancer.

The demand for people who can be employed from their homes is bigger every day; And there are hundreds of jobs where you can work only with your computer and an Internet connection.

For example, if you are good at organizing appointments and schedules, an ideal job for you would be the virtual assistant . If you know how to type fast on the keyboard, become a text transcriptionist.

If your talent is to design web pages or make logos, become a graphic designer.

There are many pages to find jobs in which you just have to register, find job offers you want, apply to them, and wait for them to hire you.

And best of all is that in most of these positions you will be the one who chooses the schedules and the time that you want to work.
Work from home

Create an online dropshipping business

Using dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you want to create your own online business, but you do not know too much about starting a venture.

But what is dropshipping ? It is an online business like the others, except here you will not have to buy the products to sell them, nor should you send them to the buyer.

It works like this: you create a web page with a few articles, and when someone places an order, you only have to pass the order to your supplier , and he will be in charge of preparing everything and sending it to the buyer.

This way you will avoid buying merchandise in advance without risking that later nobody will buy it, and you will not need to invest time in packing the orders and sending them to the customers.

Create an online dropshipping business

Do you like Facebook? Become a social network manager

Social networks are becoming more important for large companies, small businesses, or people with a blog because they are valuable tools to promote themselves and attract new clients or readers.

And so many of these companies or bloggers need people who know how to handle them to help them publish different content that attract traffic to their websites.

So if you know how to handle Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat as an expert, this could be a good way to start making money from your home by becoming a community manager , the name these professionals receive.

Become a social network manager

15. Get $ 5 for ANYTHING you know how to do

Have you ever heard of Fiverr ? It is an online platform that has been running for several years and where you will be paid $ 5 for doing any kind of small work you know.

You only have to register on the Spanish page, publish the task or the talent you have, and all the people who see it will be able to buy your service for $ 5 if you are a beginner, and for more money when you have done several jobs.

You can offer anything you can think of: write a person’s name on the sand, make a poster for someone, record a voiceover with your voice, read the future on the cards, send a greeting to someone on video …

It’s an easy and fun way to make money online, and the more you do, the more you can earn more money for each one of them.

ANYTHING you know

Become an online teacher

Being an online teacher does not mean teaching others only things like mathematics or geography; There are hundreds of talents that many people want to learn online from the comfort of their homes.

You can tutor English, Italian or French for those who want to learn a second language. Or teach some instrument that you know to play like the piano, the guitar, or the violin.

Other interesting options are to become a yoga instructor , tai chi, pilates, dance teacher like salsa, or even teach cooking classes through your computer.

All you need is a good Internet connection, a webcam or a microphone to talk to your students, and a program to communicate as Skype.

Become an online teacher
There are online tutors who earn from $ 12 an hour up to over $ 25 for a 60 minute class. So if you take this as normal work, you can get the same pay as a person who works outside the home.

The best method to start getting students is to create your own blog where you advertise the services you offer, and promoting you on social networks and websites with the same theme as what you are going to teach.

Make money with apps for your mobile

There are thousands of applications for your cell phone with which you can earn money by spending 10 or 15 minutes each day.

In some of them your task will be to see different videos, in others click on advertising links, and some will pay you to leave comments in photos or play for 5 minutes to a game that you must download.

Make money with apps for your mobile

These are just 17 ways to make money online; But in the online world there are many more that you can take advantage of with a little of your imagination.

Which of the above methods have you tried already? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience.