I get it.

You have the worst luck in the world. In what little you do you keep making mistakes .

You do not have a team at your disposal, or a personal army that supports you. No new ideas.

That’s why you’re poor.

To be a millionaire you need time, effort and organizational capacity.

If you are wrong, you will fail in your attempt to be independent and free, disappointing those who love you.

That is why you should avoid at all costs making the following mistakes.

    The sad story of the 7 mistakes that led Peter to feel miserable in his work.
     1. Being disorganized
     2. Not being creative
     3. Just think of you
     4. Do not have vision of growth
     5. Be a coward
     6. Focus only on money
     7. Stay isolated


costs making

The sad story of the 7 mistakes that led Peter to feel miserable in his work

I have two clients who left the same business school.

Both, with an impeccable curriculum, were the best of their kind. They explained their classmates, did their homework, and had the best grades .

After 5 years of academic efforts at the university, they graduated and went to work in the corporate world.

With the same knowledge and skills, they faced a predatory system. And they dedicated their lives to business .

dedicated their lives

After about 9 years I was able to meet them in a class.

He imagined he would find them upstairs on the corporate ladder , with $ 250,000 a year , and great equipment at his disposal.

Juan , one of my clients, worked 7 years in a multinational until becoming a financial manager . But at one point he resigned, he created his own business and started invoicing 7 figures a year.

I was happy. He had a wife, three children, and a house overlooking the lake . “The best decision I could make was to do a business of my own,” he told me when I asked him what his key was.

money on fire

But Pedro , my other client, was thin and almost bald , emaciated. He looked bored and depressed . He had spent the last 7 years working as an accountant on a telecommunications monster , and his life was being drained in the office .

He could barely make money to survive, his wife had left him and he was in debt until he could not.

Pedro was doing VERY bad. She was not happy.

I did not avoid wondering why, since they were both geniuses in college , Juan was so good, and Pedro was so bad.

Why did they get so different results ? What made John become a millionaire and Peter a corporate slave ?

corporate slave

That morning, Juan very calmly told us his story and gave us the keys that made him a millionaire.

One of the things that struck me the most, is that Juan avoided making 7 mistakes during his way .

He told me that avoiding them had made his way to success easier .

These same mistakes were the ones that led Pedro to fail

Being disorganized

Not having order in your things and being carefree can cost you success. The best thing to do is to shape your habits , keep things in place, organize yourself with a notebook and an agenda, setting short goals to accomplish without fail.

Being disorganized

By organizing you can have more time , you will be efficient, and you can also pay attention to the things that matter most, such as your family .

Being organized increases your productivity by 101%.

Not being creative

To be creative is to be able to develop new ideas or concepts to innovate. People around you value this sort of thing. Juan recommends nurturing your creativity with activities such as music , reading and art .

Not being creative

Not being creative will keep you hidden in a pile of papers. If you can create new solutions and inspire people, you have high chances of being a millionaire .

A major consulting firm says 7 out of 10 people are uncreative .

Just think of you

If you want to be a millionaire this is one of the most devastating mistakes you can make. Life is about sharing and building communities. About being together and growing in collective. Juan comments that thinking about others helped him up the corporate ladder and make a successful business .

When you think and act thinking about others you get approval and social recognition . Two keys to being a millionaire .

Lao-Tse said that “Your own interest serves you better not letting you take it . “ Self- centered people think only of themselves and not of the collective .

Do not have vision of growth

Pedro was a man with no projection of the future . He lived day to day without thinking about his plans beyond his corporate work. On the other hand great businessmen , like Juan or Warren Buffet, they recommend projecting towards the future.

Translator prices

How do you look from here to about two years ? Where will you arrive?

You must answer these questions to have a vision of growth .

Be a coward

The opportunities that life gives you can leave if you do not have the courage to take them . Juan is a brave man. When he created his business , his wife, his mother, and his old co-workers told him that he would fail .

be cowerd

Being a coward is a luxury you can not afford. Because the world is conquered by the bravest .

For those who take risks.

Cowardice is a disastrous mistake if you want to be a millionaire .

Focus only on money

Let us not deceive ourselves. If you want to be successful and have abundance, it is to guarantee your loved ones a better life, more comfortable and worry free , through money.

But the ultimate end is not money .

Focus only on money

Money more than the end is the means. A very useful tool.

If you really want to be successful in business you should focus on giving value to the experience of your customers so that the rest comes in addition.

John says he just could not make his first million dollars . During his seven years in the corporate world, he set about making connections and doing public relations .

He knew that isolation could condemn his future .

Stay isolated

This is why you avoid the mistake of isolating yourself at all costs. Do not be alone.

Because the more connections you manage, the more chance you have of being a millionaire.

You just can not win the battle against the world .

Avoid these mistakes and you will make more money being successful and happy with what you do!

You have known the keys that made Juan a successful man. You have the responsibility to avoid failure and not to make the same mistakes that Peter made.

Share them to help someone else !