How to design a strategy to get my first job

Have you posted your resume online and are you sending resumes and cover letters for all the job offers that you find appealing?

If you’ve wondered if there’s anything else you can do to find a job, the answer is: of course! The more you diversify your search strategy the more likely you will have to succeed and achieve your main goal: finding that longed first job.

In here we present eight tactics that you can use to identify and find potential employment opportunities, discover how to design a strategy to get your first job .

    1. Get in touch with the organizations in your professional field
    2. Visit the websites of companies and / or organizations:
    3. Applies directly to organizations that are interested:
    4. Networks, networks, networks ...
    5. Affiliate professional associations
    6. Participate in the Job Fairs
    7. Use an employment or recruitment agency
    8. Consider the possibility of temporary work

Get in touch with the organizations in your professional field

Depending on your profession, there will be different types of national, regional and local professional organizations, which often help their members with their professional development.

Many organizations include within their web pages specific fields of job offers on their websites or in their printed publications.

Visit the websites of companies and / or organizations

Many companies and organizations publish their job offers on their own websites (usually companies have a link that says “Work with us” or “Jobs”), so it is always a good idea to check the web of the companies that you are interested in and Make sure you have an internal work bag.

Applies directly to organizations that are interested

Do you have in mind some specific company or organization for which you would dream to work? If so, send a cover letter – well written – and your resume directly to the company, either to your HR office or even (and would be even more effective), to the person you think handles hiring decisions.

It is not always easy to find this right person, so in this case you will have to do some research.

Networks, networks, networks …

In general, this is the most effective method within the job search.
Try to strengthen your Networking work, which involves talking to the people you meet to establish if they have useful personal contacts that can serve you, you can also find out about offers of Work that have not been widely publicized or announced at all.

Starting a Networking job is easy, you just have to start by talking to your own family, friends and acquaintances. Let them know that you are looking for work, and give them an idea of ​​what type of work you want, so they can help you.

Affiliate professional associations

If there is a professional organization in your area of ​​study, you can consider joining and start participating in your meetings and other events, this way you can meet people within your area of ​​interest.

Finally, do not forget to take advantage of the connections of the teachers of your University as well, they can help you and give you advice on who to contact or can recommend you for some specific work.

Participate in the Job Fairs

In many cities, especially large cities, job fairs are held at various locations throughout the year.

Most colleges and universities have their own job fairs (individually or in collaboration with other institutions). A job fair is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs to come to you, so be sure to attend whenever you can.

Use an employment or recruitment agency

There are companies that specialize in helping people find work. Some of them even focus on working with college students and recent college graduates. Maybe one of these companies can help you.

However, there is something that we must warn you: While most organizations receive their fees from employers (and not the person seeking employment ), some will charge you for their services , so be careful and make sure you know who Will pay the bill.

Consider the possibility of temporary work

Often, working for a company as a temporary employee can open the door to a full-time job that can be given later.

Even if that does not happen, temporary work can help you see how different companies work from within, meet people within your field of interest and earn a little money.

Keep in mind that today’s long-term contracts will tend to disappear, and most likely the first contracts you sign during your working life are for a certain period of time.

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