How to create passive income and make money while you sleep

Surely you have already heard of businesses that remain active and lucrative by themselves. Of people who claim that it is possible to earn money automatically .

And today, here, I’m going to tell you how all this is possible.

Pay attention to this example : imagine that you write an e-book  in 2 weeks. You put it on sale on the Internet and you sell 10 books a month (100 $ monthly).

In 12 months you will have earned $ 1200 working just 2 weeks a year. In your regular job the opposite happens, you need to work more than 2 months to get that money in your pocket. You see the difference?.

Why not create your own products or services that follow this profit system?

   What are passive income?
   Having a traditional job does not mean having security
   Who can generate passive income?
   How to be a passive income?
   5 ways to create passive income
      1. Create a blog
      2. Sell ​​your own eBooks
      3. Sell ​​online training courses
      4. Sell ​​virtual products created by you
      5. Selling physical products

What are passive income ?

Passive income is the profits you receive without having to offer your time proportionally to the hours worked. The purpose is to create a product or service that is sold automatically.

This does not mean that you do not need to work on the product; At the  beginning you will invest many hours in its creation, tests, failures, corrections and in its continuous evolution. But when you have it, it will be a constant and automatic economic flow.

Having a traditional job does not mean having security

A few years ago it was normal to feel that you were sure if you had a steady job, a salary at the end of the month and a contract for a lifetime. Today, fortunately or unfortunately, that is closer to myth than to reality.

The world of work is constantly changing and there is nothing definitive. For this reason I do not recommend that you put 100% of your efforts into a job that you do not control. What if that fails, if they fire you?

 salary at the end of the month

Thanks to new technologies, we have many other options with which we can make money online .

And if you work smart, you can even do it without having to proportionately exchange your time for money. Now you can learn how to have a monthly salary automatically .

can generate passive income?

Anyone who wants to generate passive income can do it. The most important thing is that you have to be willing to work hard in the initial phase to create the passive system.

You do not need to be an expert in programming, or know too much about new technologies. It is simply important that you know how to organize yourself, that you want to learn some basic guidelines and that you are very consistent in your work.

With a computer, will power and a good Internet connection, you have everything you need.

good Internet connection

How to be a passive income?

You have to analyze what makes a passive income an effective job. Not all ideas are valid.  You have to put all your effort in finding an economic flow that is permanent, that is, that is not a fad.

A passive income is characterized by the duration of your income, your ability to last in time without you needing to return to work on it.

Carefully analyze this situation and find out if it is really worth investing in that product or service that you have in mind.

worth investing

5 ways to create passive income

1. Create a blog

The best passive income can be achieved by creating your own blog . The first thing to do is find a good topic. You have to know a lot about it and be interesting.

The more specific the subject you are going to dedicate to, the more success you will have.

For example, it is difficult for you to be the best writing a travel blog, you have a lot of competition; But if on the other hand you decide to talk about electronic cigarettes, you will have more chances to be the best.

A blog is a passive income that requires a large initial investment of time. You have to gain the confidence of your readers  and work to get a good positioning in search engines like Google.

Remember, the quality of what you write will make you have a loyal audience and trust your products.

When you have a good number of followers, it is time to create links to affiliates that have to do with your theme. You can also post ads or links to other private sponsors.

For each person you direct to those links, you will earn a commission . There are companies that offer up to 80% of the price of the product.
How to find affiliate links?

A reference page is  Tradedoubler . It is one of the largest websites dedicated to affiliate marketing and offers thousands of links that will help you monetize your blog .

If you can position yourself correctly and keep a constant visitor traffic, you will earn a lot of money passively .

To find these products you can do it through platforms like Clickbank .


2. Sell ​​your own eBooks

There are many ways to create an online product, but the best known and most effective is the creation of ebooks .

You must create content  in what you are an expert, find a marketing strategy and work to generate it.

To create an eBook you can use the web blurb . You’ll find everything you need to start from scratch and finish designing the cover of your book . Although it is not difficult to do it by yourself.

To sell it online, nothing simpler than Amazon.

In the following article you will find a complete step by step guide to get it: How to publish your book for free to Amazon to make money .

simpler than Amazon

3. Sell ​​online training courses

Take a course on anything that gives you good. From making muffins to teaching a computer language. You do not need to invest a lot of money to create an online course. A camera, a microphone and some presentations in pdf.

You will have to invest time to generate a good material for later, to forget almost completely and to let it continue being sold of automatic form.

To begin I recommend you do an investigation  about your direct competition . Study it and plan how you can do it better than her.

Essential: creates a good script, a theoretical content for download, invents practical support exercises and records the explanatory videos.

You have two ways to sell your course:

  • In general sales pages of online courses: they function as repositories of hundreds of courses created by individuals or companies. You can upload yours and access your entire audience for a small fee for the page. The best ones to get it are Udemy, Floqq, Tutellus, or Tareasplus.
  • On your own website: you can always create your own homepage and sell your courses from there. You can use Instapage to design it and leave it ready to receive your customers.

Instapage to design

4.  Sell ​​virtual products created by you

When I refer to virtual products I am talking about photographs, illustrations and typefaces . You can sell those great photos you made on your last trip or make some that can be useful for companies.

The best-known pages for selling photographs are: Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Fotolia and Depositphotos.

If what you like is the design, you can make your graphic creations and upload them to pages dedicated to selling this type of product. The most widely used and most recognized is Vecteezy . For typography I recommend you Myfonts .

Do a  brief research on the candidate pages to buy your designs. Study what requirements they ask for and take into account the commission they will earn with their sale.

brief research

Selling physical products

In this case you become the intermediary between the factory and the customer. You can use a generic platform that works as a repository of other products (eBay, Shopify or Etsy) or create yourself a simple page for a particular market.

Meet the distributors and be careful when selecting the product . You can not invest your time without first checking if your product will have buyers.

Study the trends, the most searched terms in Google, what is most shared in social networks. You can use Google Trends to know which product is fashionable in a particular location.

Selling physical products

What other ways to create passive income do you know? Leave me a comment down here and share your ideas with me!