How to use social networks to find work

Internet is becoming more important in our lives and with it social networks have become a very useful and immediate socialization tool that helps us to be connected 24 hours a day, to connect, to be able to deal with topics of our interest, and  Of course, to look for work. In social networks we can introduce our profile with the data that we want to be shown to others. When it comes to looking for work, it is important to keep in mind what is the end that we want to achieve. We can not put the same summary of ourselves on Facebook as Linkedin , since the purpose of each of these social networks is radically different.

To know how to use social networks to find work , it is important to know how each of them can help us and what kind of people or groups we can reach depending on which we choose. Keep reading this article from How to find out.

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   1. Reputation online, check it out
   2. Set as a professional 2.0
   3. Your image is important
   4. Become a follower of the companies that interest you
   5. Write a good CV

Reputation online, check it out

It is very important that you review what reputation exists about you on the net when it comes to looking for work. Nowadays many companies conscientiously review the social profiles of the candidates to know more about them, which can condition their decision when choosing the job.

You should be aware that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus are public and can be seen by anyone unless actions are taken. Security tools that these give you, in which case your comments and images are restricted to very small groups.

Think about what you would do if you were a staff manager and you had access to this information. Although it is true that private life should be separated from the professional, unfortunately, in the case of selecting someone for a position, this is often not taken into account. So make sure your social profiles are “politically correct” in every way to avoid displeasure .


Set as a professional 2.0

One thing that gives you a plus in the race up to your professional goal is a good cover letter . Once you have cleaned up your digital image, show yourself the world that you are a modern and up-to-date professional.

CVs on paper and business cards will not help you if you want to find work through social networks. Build a professional web page with little effort thanks to WordPress, Blogger or Joomla content managers. The first two are very intuitive and there is a free version so you can create your own business card 2.0 without spending a euro. Joomla requires more experience, but the result is very professional. You can also opt for companies that provide you with a very simple template so you can do it yourself.

That cover letter 2.0 should be added to your virtual professional profiles. Look for examples of digital portfolios online depending on your specialty and profession.

find work through social networks

Your image is important

Many times we do not take into account the photograph that we put in our professional social profile and we opt for that selfie that we did on the beach in an inappropriate clothing.

The image is important and the photograph we choose must be in accordance with the aspect that we want to show. It is advisable to choose a photo of half body, front, with good light and professionally dressed. Ideally, in the image we show smiling, not laughing, a little naturally made up in the case of women, with hair arranged and that allows to see the face perfectly.

The background of the image is important, try to make it a neutral background, like a white wall. It is useful that the image is not very heavy, since it will be easier for you to use it for different profiles without having to modify it.
Finally, remember to name it correctly and professionally.

image is important

Become a follower of the companies that interest you

If you want to know the news that these announce in social networks, such as vacancies, follow the companies related to your professional sector.

Often companies provide valuable information or advertise job offers through social networks. If you are a follower of them, you will be able to find out about this and send your candidacy through the social networks. It is very useful and can be very effective.

Keep in mind that looking for work is a job in itself. For this reason, while you do, you must use all available tools and be on the lookout for any opportunity that may arise. Check your social networks frequently, keep your professional profiles up to date and innovate with different , avoiding the typical ones that are heavy and not very visual and often end up in the interviewer’s trash. You can look on the Internet, latest generation CV related to your professional sector that will serve to distinguish you from the rest and cause sensation.

Finally, remember to check all your texts in social networks to correct spelling mistakes or syntax that give very bad impression and can cause some company to discard your profile only for that reason.

CV check

Write a good CV

Remember that a fundamental part to find work is focused on writing a good CV .  if you want to go a step further, there are specialized websites like LiveCareer that will help you prepare a good CV and find work.

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