How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Have they called you to do a job interview ? Before the big day arrives it is highly recommended that you prepare it well so that you can increase your chances of being caught and start a new job . There are some basic aspects that will make your image as a professional be comforted if you go to the interview with the duties done (proposals, questions, ideas, etc.) and, therefore, in this article  we help you to know how to prepare a Job interview and you can get the most responsible and knowledgeable part of yourself. Below we will give you a list of different aspects that you have to evaluate before the appointment arrives. Ready?

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1. Going to a job interview without having previously consulted what it is about and how it works is a mistake that, in addition, gives you an image of you as of step and disinterest. Therefore, it is important that before going to the appointment investigate the company , consult your website (if you have) or put your name on Google to detect if there are media that talk about them. It is important that you know what the company is about, what sectors it is attacking and how it works so that you can show that you are interested in being a part of it and that you are interested.

job interview

2.  To prepare for a job interview it is also important that you think about your qualities, your knowledge and your experience as they will ask about them. Think also about the position they are offering you and what you could contribute to make the job work correctly; In addition if you have any proposal, idea or any suggestion about it is also very positive to be exposed to prove that you are a proactive person. Of course: do not rant your way to work, just give a suggestion or make some commentary that demonstrates your knowledge in that area and, thus, you will be enhancing the importance of your knowledge.

Likewise, it is also important that you think about your career prospects , that is, what you expect from the new job, what you think you can contribute to the company, and so on. To give a professional image of yourself is also essential that the expert that these are adapted to the position you are going to choose, i.e if three years ago you were waiter but now you are interviewing for a management position, remove it from your CV Because it will not contribute anything and, moreover, can even give an image of instability.

adapted to the position

3. Even if you have sent the CV by mail or by some job website, it is important that the interview day also carry it printed , therefore, we recommend that you review it, update it and adapt it to the position to which you want to opt. You can add an “Interests” section where you highlight your experience or your interest in that particular sector, as well as if you have done any specific course in that area.

The photograph that you add in the curriculum is also essential to give a good image of yourself, therefore, opt for one that is current, that is with white background (nothing of a photo of you on the beach) and that is format card, That is, from the shoulders up in the foreground.

4. It is also advisable that before going to the interview, think about those questions that the selectors usually ask potential candidates to evaluate whether or not they adapt to what the company is looking for. Although you have never interviewed yourself in this company you should know that there are some questions that are always asked, such as what interests you about the position, the salary you expect, teamwork, and so on. Some Question are here.

Practicing the answers to the most committed questions is a perfect tactic that will help you to know how to get out of this situation. In addition it is also advisable that you opt for brief and concise explanations not to extend too much with your narration nor to go through the branches. Pre-test these questions with your partner or friends so you can go safer to this appointment.

5. In almost every interview you will be asked about your weaknesses , it’s a way to see how you make self – criticisms and how to overcome obstacles. It is clear that you have to be cautious in answering this and, above all, not throwing stones on your roof, saying that you are messy if you are going to work with important paperwork is totally counterproductive as well as saying that you are unpunctual and want to work in one Transport company, for example.

Think in detail about what defects may be “less bad” for the position and, thus, you will be honest but not that it harms you. Avoid saying that you are very perfectionist because this trick is more than seen by the recruiters; Do not flatter yourself indirectly but be sincere but very cautious .

be sincere but very cautious

6. Like it or not, the first impression remains very important in our life and, above all, in the professional field. Going with a scruffy appearance or dress too casual can give a picture of you unprofessional although, in the background, little has to do one thing with the other. But we must accept social conventions and this is one of them.

So get dressed , go to the shower, get some cologne and wear a neutral and formal clothes, that is, not too flashy and discreet, will be your best business card. If you can, it never hurts to find out how the workers of the company dress to adapt to them and avoid going too tidy or, otherwise, going too informal.

 first impression remains

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