How to Set LinkedIn to Find a Job

Surely you know someone LinkedIn has helped get a job; You have visited the social network hundreds of times but you end up concluding that it has only been a stroke of luck. Well, it is not so.

If you want to know how to edit your profile to gain exposure when it comes to finding work , we explain step by step how to get it:

You will need to:
  • A computer with Internet access.
  • A LinkedIn account.

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1.  Even if you’re unemployed, do not leave the ‘current charge’ section blank because it helps you position your profile in searches.
Write the position you aspire to and, in description, place an ‘active search’.

2.  Edit the ‘professional head’ (under your name) so you can make in your workplace .

3.  Add content and links to your profile, do not let your experience be text only!
To get a job you need to visualize, that you are a professional expert in the field in which you are.

4.  Do you know that you only appear in search results when you have contacts in common? Add contacts who have many relationships on LinkedIn to have the opportunity to get on the list and be able to find work .

5.  Are you interested in a specific job ? Add as a contact to the manager to rate your profile from a first level.

6.  Search for all companies that are currently looking for employees from LinkedIn (you’ll find them in ‘Jobs’) and then click ‘Follower’ to highlight your application .

7.  Very important and very valuable! Ask for recommendations from your former bosses or even from your former suppliers.

8.  Set the privacy of your LinkedIn profile to ‘everyone’ if you are looking for work so that any social network user can access your information.

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