6 Steps to Attracting Quality Customers to Your Business

Today I share a guest post Melania Garbú, entrepreneur and expert in personal and professional development, where you will discover which techniques are the best to attract quality customers to your business, and how you can get loyal customers to buy again and again .

If you sell services and your potential customers ask for information over the phone or email, without prequalifying them before , you are wasting your time with people who will not invest in your services.

But this has a solution!

By reading this article, you will understand how much you are missing out by not following these steps in your advertising strategy.

If you want to attract your business to high quality , responsible clients, who trust you, take action and invest in your knowledge, read on and find out what steps you can take to enjoy such a clientele.

   1. Discover your ideal client
   2. Choose your advertising medium
   3. Promote your services with your newsletter
   4. Design your advertising campaign
   5. Pre-qualify your customers
   6. Offer alternatives to your services

Discover your ideal client

It all starts with knowing who is your ideal client . And if you tell me it’s everyone, surely your results are not being the ones you’d like to get in your business.

It is very important that you define, in detail, who is that ideal client you are looking to sell your services or programs.

For example, my ideal client is the entrepreneur, between 35 and 50 years old, who sells services (consultant, consultant or independent professional), has resources to invest, generates a minimum income of € 5,000 a month and has problems attracting more clients , Get more money and position yourself as an expert in your sector.

In the following article you will discover how to find your ideal client step by step: How to create the profile of your ideal client to earn more .

Discover your ideal client

Choose your advertising medium

Knowing who is your ideal client , now choose the medium you will use to attract you. I mean media such as the internet, radio, newspapers, magazines , television , etc.

In my case, the media that I use for my current business are Internet (with my blog) and radio .

I recommend that you choose the one that is right for you and that you take action.

Attract quality customers

Promote your services with your newsletter

If you do not have a newsletter yet (a newsletter through which to send updates to your subscribers), you are losing high-quality customers every month.

That is why every online business should start with a newsletter .

Through it, you educate your clients , position yourself in your sector and promote your services.

In this post you will learn why a newsletter is so important: 6 reasons to create your own newsletter .

services with your newsletter

Design your advertising campaign

You already know your ideal client, you know the medium you will use to find it and now you have to design the message that you will use to capture it.

I recommend using the advertising that achieves the goal of attracting that ideal customer to your sales funnel to follow up.

For example, in my case I attract the ideal customer through free articles and audios .

Clients enter my website, receive an e-book or e-book as a gift and, in return, subscribe to my weekly newsletter , which is my selling funnel.

Pre-qualify your customers

To pre-qualify your clients, I strongly recommend using a form .

A pre-qualification form is a standard form filter that allows you to detect customers who have enough money and are willing and ready to invest in your knowledge and thus solve their problems.

So you know, the secret to reducing badly spent working hours with people who are not going to buy is to use filter systems . In this way the client prequalifies himself.

When potential customers fill out that form, they know they qualify to get your help . And in this way, your percentage of closing sales increases a lot.

I’ve also wasted a lot of time talking to people who were not really interested in doing anything to improve their business.

And I say “really interested” because, if I have a problem that affects me, I do whatever it takes to find the solution .

Pre-qualify your customers

Offer alternatives to your services

The mistake of many entrepreneurs is to offer a single package of services. I, for example, offer 2 packages of services (group session and individual session) and online training courses.

The individual package serves to solve a specific problem , and the group package helps the client to create their own program, promote it and sell it at high prices.

Therefore , what you must do in this step is to try to offer more than one product or service to your buyers , because that way you will not see your options so limited that if you only provide them with a service.

Offer alternatives to your services

You can also achieve high quality clients, who value you and invest in your knowledge.

If you want more customers and more money, focus on these 6 verified steps and I’m sure that the results will soon appear.