In all the years that I have been an entrepreneur, without doubt creating my own newsletter for each of my businesses is what has made my ventures grow. With this marketing strategy I have not only managed to attract more customers and generate more revenue: it has also helped me to build trust in my buyers.

When social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram arrived, everyone thought that these platforms would overtake traditional email marketing.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Email lists and newsletters have been running for years, but they are now taking more popularity than ever before because of their effectiveness in increasing sales of any business.

It seems that everyone who has an online business wants to start their own newsletter; However, few know why they should create one.

And today in this article I’m going to teach you why you should start your own email list if you have a blog or an online business and you want to double your sales.

What is a newsletter?

Before giving you the reasons why it is important to create a newsletter for your online business or blog, you must know what it is and how it works.

A newsletter is an informational publication that is distributed through email. They are emails which are sent to the people who are subscribed to inform them of any new event in your business or your blog.

These emails are only sent to those people who have shown interest in that business or web page , and who have requested to receive information by mail giving their email address and name.

 mail giving their email

What is usually sent in these types of emails are offers, promotions, and information about a new product in the case of a business, and new articles published and digital products on sale in the case of a blog.

With for example I have a newsletter in which everyone can subscribe, and receive every day by email the articles that are posted here on the page to not lose any of them.

The 6 reasons why you should also have a newsletter

Although subscriber email lists and newsletters are commonplace, it is not always clear why there are so many online businesses and blogs that have decided to create their own newsletter.

Do not you know why you should create your own newsletter?

Here I show you the most powerful reasons to do it and that will make your business or your blog grow , doubling your earnings every month.

1. It’s the ONLY thing you’ll ever have control of

Apart from your website, your newsletter is the only platform on which you will have total control.

Social networks are absolutely necessary to grow a profitable business or website. They will connect you with your audience, allow you to share the content created on your page, and you will get more visits with them.

But they have a great disadvantage:

You can not control them.

Hands of a puppeteer with strings tied to fingers

You are not the owner of Instagram or Pinterest or other social networks where you spend so much time growing your business. These platforms can be transformed from one day to another and completely change how they are used.

Recently, for example, Facebook changed its configuration by forcing to pay for promoting your posts in this social network if you want to reach a handful of people who see your updates as your own fans.

You can not control Facebook. But luckily, you can control your newsletter.

If Twitter tomorrow changed and only three of your followers could see your tweets, you would still have a newsletter with dedicated subscribers who are there to open your emails and read your most important updates.

2. Your email subscribers are more likely to buy your products

If you have ever considered selling products or services on your website, you need a newsletter.

Look at it this way: a person’s email is sacred. And if they allow you to send them emails it is as if they are inviting you to enter their virtual home.

People hate receiving useless emails in their emails. So if someone has subscribed to your newsletter, it means they have an interest in you and your business or blog.

Woman and man looking smiling at a laptop on a table

They have not subscribed by chance like on Twitter that you follow someone to follow: they have done it because they WANT to really know what you offer.

For this reason, it is incredibly important that you take care of your email subscribers.

They will not only be your most loyal readers and visitors, they will also be your most loyal buyers.


3. It’s the easiest way to keep in touch

As I told you before, an email is the easiest way to share any ad and keep in touch.

Two hands touching with a single finger

Not everyone will look at your Instagram or your website on a daily basis unless they are absolutely passionate about your products or your articles.

But what will they DO? They will check your emails EVERY DAY.

So if you want to share an important post, a new product you’ve launched, or a promotion, and you want to make sure your audience receives it, then a newsletter is the best way to get that information and keep in touch with them.

4. A newsletter allows you to target your audience

When you use a service to send your emails, you can choose to whom you send each email depending on whether you are a woman or a man, your age, the country in which you live , etc.

Mature woman in her home office looking at a tablet

If you have just launched a product aimed at women between 20 and 30 years, in your newsletter you can segment your subscribers and send the mail informing about that article only to subscribers who are women of that age.

In this way you will reach your target audience more effectively , those emails will only be seen by potential customers who are really interested in that product or service, and you will have more sales than targeting a general and non-specific audience.

5. A newsletter service is much cheaper than other marketing strategies

Email marketing through a newsletter is not only easy to do and effective: it is also very cheap.

A newsletter can reach a large number of consumers at a cost of only a few cents per message.

Even in your beginnings you can use a newsletter service totally FREE!

A hammer about to break a piggy bank

It is much less expensive to hire a newsletter service to send your own emails than to pay for a sponsored post to a blogger , hire a social network manager, or request the services of an advertising agency.

6. Generate an immediate response on the client

Although you do not realize, everyone is trained to do something when they receive an email – respond, click on a link, subscribe, or even buy directly -.

When you send an email informing about a new product of your business, a new article you have published, or a discount, you are actually directing the recipient of that email to go to your website and buy that article.

holding a credit card

Several studies have shown that email marketing reaches more customers than social networks, and that an informational email can increase sales by up to 30% more than other channels.

If you have a business or a blog with which you want to earn money, you must have a list of subscribers and a newsletter service to improve your sales and reach many more customers than through traditional channels or social networks.