How to have a good face without makeup

As much as we like to tweak our appearance, in order to improve it, we must be aware that it is not always necessary to use makeup to look good. Beauty comes to us innate and, although we generally enhance or stand out with some cosmetic products, you should also know how to have good face without makeup . Do you want to enhance your beauty naturally? Then, pay attention to the following article  in which we give you the necessary tips to have good face without strictly using the makeup. You sign up? Natural beauty in few steps. Take note of the care for perfect skin!

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   1. Daily facial cleansing for a good face without makeup
   2. Hydration and exfoliation for a perfect face
   3. Make-up for a good face
   4. Tips for having a good face without makeup
   5. Care and attitude for a good face

Daily facial cleansing
for a good face without makeup

Do you feel vulnerable if you do not wear make-up? It’s time to change your feelings! It is not impossible to look good without using makeup, just pay attention to the care that your skin requires and use the right products to minimize imperfections.

To achieve healthy skin and to look a perfect face without makeup , first of all, you must include in your routine of beauty and care the facial cleaning twice a day. To have good face without makeup is important to take care of the skin in depth and, for this, you must invest your time in cleaning it properly. Use a good facial cleanser suitable for your skin type (they exist for sensitive skin, fat, dry …) and use it both early in the morning and late in the evening. Facial hygiene is a consistent and regular method that will help keep your skin fresh, moisturized, clean and healthy. Of course, do not do it more than twice a day, since your skin could become irritated and your appearance could get worse.

Daily facial cleansing

Hydration and exfoliation
for a perfect face

So important is the deep cleansing of the face as its hydration. To achieve this, we advise you to use a moisturizing lotion daily , which you must apply after washing your face. You can use two different cosmetics, one in the morning with sun protection and another in the evening with a formula of action 100% nutritive. Remember that moisturizers should always be chosen considering your skin type. In case your skin is sensitive bet on soft lotions and without perfumes, in case it is fat it should contain few oils, for dry skin dense creams with aloe vera or shea butter … What is yours?

Another important tip for achieving perfect skin without using make-up is the exfoliation. Remember that this method is necessary to remove and remove dead skin cells, renew it and promote healthy regeneration. To keep your face cool and radiant you should exfoliate your face once a week .

On the other hand, the use of tonics is essential for skin care. Although facial tonic is a product that is often overlooked, it is a wonderful cosmetic that will help balance the pH of the skin, in addition to refreshing it, rehydrate it and contribute to its good appearance. Of course, try to look for an alcohol-free facial tonic to make the product less aggressive. Remember also that there are facial tonics adapted to each type of skin. Its use is simple, you must apply it on your face after washing your face but before you put the hydrant cream. It is an intermediate step.

washing your face

for a good face

If you want to look good without makeup, besides taking care of your skin so that it always looks perfect, you must carry out a step that sometimes can be forgotten. Although the goal is that you have a good face without makeup , probably someday you will use these makeup products to make up for more or enhance your natural beauty. So, when you makeup, always remember to remove makeup before going to bed . Think otherwise, you will get clogged pores which will translate into pimples and granites. Use make-up products for eyes and face and include them in your facial hygiene routine.

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for having a good face without makeup

Finally, we want to give you some tips that help you to look perfect skin and, therefore , to have a perfect face without makeup :

  • Always use sun protection or cosmetics that include some protection factor.
  • Try not to touch your face, as it will stimulate the production of fat on the face and give a greasier appearance.
  • Shave your eyebrows or peel them so that your face is not left untidy. Well-shaved eyebrows will have a striking effect and will help to perfect and improve your natural features.
  • Once a month he makes facial masks to bring life, health and nutrients to your skin.
  • Just as your face matters, so does your hair. If you want to contribute to getting a good natural look, wash your hair every two days or so, it will always look perfect. Remember to moisturize and enhance its softness and shine. In addition, if you want to prevent hair grease from spreading over your face, we recommend that you pick it up at night.
  • Lips soft and moisturized. If you have it dry or cracked, your appearance will not improve. It is important to both exfoliate and soften and moisturize with lip balm.
  • It is also very important to pay attention to dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day to whiten them and have a nice and captivating smile.
  • Take care of your skin inside and out. Eating a healthy and balanced diet as well as hydrating yourself by drinking 2 liters of water daily will help you maintain a better look on your skin.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day. Rest is essential for your skin to look perfect and look good without using makeup.
  • Sports will help you to be healthier and also improve your appearance. It eliminates toxins and regenerates your energy, obtaining more vitality and health that will also be noticed in your face.


Care and attitude
for a good face

Now that you know how to take care of your skin and how to enhance your appearance to have a good face without makeup , it is important that you know how to enhance your natural beauty, and here the attitude plays a fundamental role.

Always smile
That is the first value to focus your natural beauty, give more sense and maximize it. The face is the mirror of the soul and if you are happy and happy, your face will shine without using makeup. Also, trust yourself confident and confident, as it will help you to get a better look and transmit better energy. The more tired, sad or irritated you are, the worse your face will look. If you want to have a good face without makeup, smile and you will captivate.

Eat healthy, balanced and varied
Looking good and being healthy is also taking care of yourself inside. So do not forget to keep a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and cereals, your skin will thank you. Do not forget to hydrate yourself to the maximum by drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily and try to reduce the consumption of refined sugars or fatty foods, as well as alcohol, caffeine or tobacco.
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