Make a Homemade Aloe Vera Cream

The aloe-vera has a lot of beneficial properties for the human body and especially for the skin and hair . Thanks to its moisturizing effect , this plant will be very useful to keep our skin healthy and cared for . It is also a very economical solution, since we can plant aloe vera ourselves at home and even save by preparing lotions based on this plant . By following the steps you will discover how to make a homemade aloe vera cream .

You will need to:

>Aloe vera
>Olive oil

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1.   This cream is ideal against the stretch marks that many people – and especially women – suffer, as we will improve the elasticity of our skin. And is that among the properties of aloe , highlights its moisturizing and moisturizing power that will be very beneficial to try to return the dermis to its normal state. In case you do not have very clear the causes of the appearance of these detestable marks on the skin.

stretch marks
2.   To prepare the aloe vera cream at home, in addition to this plant, we will also need avocado .

3.   By going into how to make a homemade aloe vera cream, the first step is to cut the avocado in the middle and remove the pulp with the help of a knife or a spoon. Store it in a small bowl and then continue using it.

4.   Then you should do the same with aloe  . That is, you will have to cut aloe vera leaves and extract the glass or pulp from the inside, as this is the part that concentrates all the beneficial properties of the plant.

5.   Next, you should mix the avocado with the aloe vera you had reserved and also add a stream of olive oil to get a homogenous paste that will bind more easily. This way, when all the ingredients are one, you will already have ready your naturally prepared body cream.

avocado with the aloe vera
6.    You just need to apply the cream of aloe vera and avocado on the areas with stretch marks and let it act for about 15-20 minutes to penetrate well hydrating oils. After this time, you should remove the cream with cold or warm water.

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