How to Make Homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo

Would you like to prepare your own aloe-Vera shampoo? This plant has great properties for hair and, therefore, is one of the best natural products that we can use to wash and repair it at the same time. Aloe-Vera  will allow you, among other things, to combat dryness, prevent dandruff and seborrhea, wear cleaner hair, prevent frizz, stimulate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss, as well as dazzle with a mane Full of light and very abundant and beautiful.

Continue reading this article  if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of this so special plant and you want to learn how to make a homemade aloe vera shampoo step by step.

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Properties of aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera is one of the existing natural products most beneficial for hair health and beauty. If you start using it regularly, you will see how your hair in a very short time is renewed completely and it looks much more hydrated, dense, luminous and beautiful. Take note of the main properties of aloe vera for hair to know well what you can get with your application:

  • It regulates the excess of sebum and fat in the scalp, so it is ideal to slow the activity of the sebaceous glands that cause the hair to grease quickly and, therefore, look caked and dirty ahead of time.
  • It is a great natural moisturizer, because thanks to its content in antioxidants, vitamins and mucilages helps to condition the hair in depth, softens it, strengthens the hair follicles and brings a lot of shine.
  • By strengthening the hair follicles and having regenerating properties, it is excellent for preventing hair loss, treating alopecia and promoting hair growth.
  • It has antibacterial properties and is fungicidal, so it is also beneficial in case of dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Prevents hair aging and keeps hair fibers flexible and elastic.

aloe vera for hair

Shampoo of aloe vera and onion

There are several homemade aloe vera shampoos that you can prepare, but then we will show you some of the recipes that best results can offer you when it comes to taking care of your hair and keep it always perfect.

To begin, let’s talk about how to make aloe vera and onion shampoo , one of the most popular treatments to promote and accelerate hair growth. To the regenerative properties of aloe, we must add the incredible effects that onion has on hair growth. This food is rich in sulfur and quercetin, two components that stimulate the production of keratin and collagen, which is indispensable for the hair to grow in a healthy and strong way. They also promote blood circulation in the scalp which results in a greater strength of the hair follicles and a greater growth.

  • 1 glass of aloe vera gel. It can be extracted directly from the plant or from a gel purchased at a herbalist’s shop or natural products store.
  • 1 medium onion.
  • 1 glass of neutral shampoo.
  • A little argan oil (optional).

1.   Peel and cut the onion into medium pieces.
2.   Grind the onion to obtain a kind of juice.
3.   In the blender, add the aloe vera gel, the onion and a few drops of argan oil.
4.   Process all the ingredients until the mixture obtained is homogeneous.
5.   Add the neutral shampoo and continue to process.

At first, you can use the aloe-vera and onion shampoo every day until you see that your hair no longer falls so much. Then you can book it only for 2 or 3 times a week. Do not worry about the smell of onion, because when you rinse your hair this will disappear. Anyway, we advise that before the last rinsing you apply a conditioner with a pleasant and intense smell.
Shampoo of aloe vera and onion

Shampoo of aloe vera and honey

If what you are looking for is a homemade aloe vera shampoo that helps you repair and moisturize deeply damaged , dry and damaged hair , combining aloe with honey may be your best choice. Keep in mind that honey is a great natural moisturizer that nourishes the hair fibers from the inside and prevents them from drying out when exposed for example to the heat of appliances such as dryers or irons. In addition, it brings a lot of softness and shine to the mane. Take note of the following recipe to make aloe vera and honey shampoo yourself!

  • 1 glass of aloe vera gel.
  • 1 glass of neutral shampoo.
  • 4 large spoons of honey.

1.    In a blender, pour the aloe vera and honey and process until they are integrated.
2.    Add the shampoo to the above mixture and continue liquefying until a homogeneous preparation is obtained.
3.    Wash your hair with this shampoo by applying it on the wet scalp and give circular massages to distribute well by all the tufts.
4.    Let it act for about 10 or 15 minutes to repair the hair properly and then rinse with plenty of warm water.
5.    To close the cuticles of the hair, it is advisable that the last rinse is done with cold water.

Shampoo of aloe vera and honey

Shampoo of aloe vera and jojoba oil

Finally, we propose to make a shampoo of aloe vera and jojoba oil. This is ideal to revitalize hair completely but also to promote its growth, and is that jojoba oil allows to unlock hair follicles, clean and moisturize the scalp, regulate excess sebum, combat frizz, among many other benefits Which you can find in the article How to use jojoba oil in your hair .

  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
  • 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil. You can find it in herbalists or in stores specialized in the sale of natural products.
  • 4 tablespoons of mineral water.

1.   First, mix aloe vera with water in a bowl. Remove well.
2.   Add the jojoba oil and continue stirring until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
3.   Use the preparation to wash your hair in the shower, perform circular massage so that the shampoo penetrates well into the roots and leaves to act for about 5 minutes.
4.   After that time, remove with plenty of lukewarm water making a final lightener with cold water.

Shampoo of aloe vera and jojoba oil

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