How to make a natural make-up remover

Removing our skin is a habit that should be followed to the letter, as it helps us eliminate the cosmetic residues of the face and also to clean the impurities that accumulate throughout the day, this prevents the pores open and occur problems such as grains or blackheads . In short, you should not skip the process of removing your skin every day, however to do it is not necessary to have a commercial product, you can ally with some highly effective natural solutions.

Do not know the best alternatives? In thisĀ  article we explain how to make a natural make-up remover perfect for removing cosmetics and dirt.

 Why is it important to remove the skin?
 Olive oil for dry skin
 Lukewarm milk to hydrate the face
 Chamomile, perfect for sensitive or inflamed skin
 Hazelnut or jojoba oil, ideal for oily skin
 Yogurt and lemon for deep cleansing
 Other good natural make-up remover

Why is it important to remove the skin?

Surely you’ve heard many times that skin removal is an essential beauty ritual but, you know why? Throughout the day the makeup, the fat that produces our dermis and elements of the environment like dust, smoke, etc., are accumulating in each of the pores of our face. When we remove makeup, we not only eliminate all these residues, but also allow our skin to breathe properly, favoring its oxygenation and health.

If you do not remove your face every day your skin will start to look more opaque and greasy, in addition it will accumulate a greater amount of black spots and acne so your health could be harmed. This habit takes only a few minutes, so it is best to do it every day and some natural remedies are the ideal solution to get it easily.

Olive oil for dry skin

If you have dry skin one of the best natural cleansers you can opt for is olive oil, which in addition to helping to easily remove cosmetic residue is perfect for cleansing and moisturizing the dermis simply. The ideal is to opt for extra virgin or virgin presentations, which keep intact all its properties on the skin .

Using it is very simple you should only put a few drops of this oil on your face, focusing especially on areas where more makeup is like the eyelids, under the eyes or cheekbones. Rub with a cotton pad lightly moistened in warm water until completely removed, if necessary use another disc. In case your face is very greasy you can wash the area with neutral soap and water.

Olive oil

Lukewarm milk
to hydrate the face

Milk is one of the products most used in cosmetics for centuries, not for nothing was one of the alternatives of the mythical Cleopatra. This is due to its high moisturizing capacity , which is great for dry, normal skin and also for those sensitive dermis that merit extra hydration.

In this case our natural make-up remover is a bit of warm milk, enough with two spoonfuls, in which you must moisten a cotton disc. Apply on your face by rubbing gently, when finished rinse with water to make the skin perfectly clean.

Lukewarm milk

, perfect for sensitive or inflamed skin

If you have a sensitive face due to conditions such as acne, rosacea or dryness, or simply because your skin is more sensitive than the average , chamomile is definitely your best ally to remove makeup. This product is a natural anti-inflammatory that is very effective, favoring also the cleaning of the skin.

Prepare a cup of chamomile that you can leave chilled to use as a make-up remover, then just soak a cotton disc in the liquid and gently rub on the skin. Add a few drops of olive oil or almonds to enhance a moisturizing effect.


Hazelnut or jojoba oil
, ideal for oily skin

Girls with fat skins also have alternatives when making natural make-up removers, and jojoba oil is certainly one of the best. In spite of being an oil, one of its properties on the skin is the fact of helping to diminish the presence of fat in the dermis, in addition it helps to soften, to reaffirm and to favor the regeneration of the skin, that is why it is a A solution that is not only suitable for removing the makeup but also to improve the appearance of the skin.

To use it is recommended to mix one teaspoon of jojoba oil with two of water, dip a cotton disc in this mixture and gently rub your face with it. Repeat until you have completely removed the make-up.

If you do not find this alternative in the natural products stores, then you can opt for the hazelnut oil that like jojoba helps to counteract fat with total effectiveness.

Hazelnut or jojoba oil

Yogurt and lemon
for deep cleansing

If you are looking for a natural make-up remover that allows you to achieve a deeper result also serving as a mask, then the combination of natural yogurt with lemon juice is perfect. You only have to mix one tablespoon of natural yogurt without sugar with a spoonful of natural lemon juice, apply it on the face with the aid of a sponge or disc and let it act for 5 minutes, then remove with warm water.

In addition to removing dirt, this alternative allows you to moisturize your skin , soften it and produce a lightening effect . You can apply it a couple of times a week as an option to the rest of the products mentioned above.

Other good natural make-up remover

In addition to the above alternatives, you can also choose:

  • Almond oil , perfect for a deep moisturizing of the skin.
  • Castor oil , which will help you strengthen your eyelashes.
  • Vaseline, an option that although not so natural is perfect for removing waterproof eye makeup.

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