The excess sebum that suffer from oily skin is the main culprit that the makeup lasts so little and easily cuartee in this type of skins. Those who have oily skin know that at any time they will appear those unsightly glitters on your face and the skin will look a very unflattering oily . For everything, in this article of a How do we bring you some makeup tricks for oily skin , with which you can look great and take care of your skin at the same time.


1.  If we want our makeup to remain intact and in perfect condition for a longer time, the first step will be to prepare the skin , cleaning and moisturizing it in depth. For your facial cleansing routine, use a gel that is easily rinsed with water, an astringent tonic and a moisturizing cream without oily base, that is, specific for oily skin. All in all, your skin will be ready to start with makeup.

prepare the skin
2.   Oily skin requires, more than other skin types, the application of a pre-base . This is a cosmetic that will help leave the skin perfect, close the pores and prevent overproduction of fat on the face.

3.   The foundation of makeup is the key element to wear a flawless complexion throughout the day. You should always choose bases oil free , that are antibrillo and that do not tend to cause the appearance of pimples and granites. Try applying the base with a brush or sponge and never use your fingers, because you will only accentuate the oiliness of the face.

4.   Another makeup trick for oily skin is to use mineral powders that offer a matte finish. With applying a light coat of powders, it will be enough to seal the makeup and absorb excess fat and sweat. This is an essential step if we want to avoid spending part of the day touching up our makeup.

mineral powders

5.   As for the choice of rouge to make up the oily skin , the powdered texture is preferable , since the creamy ones will make the skin look even brighter. Always use a brush to apply the blush on the cheeks.

6.  For eye makeup, keep in mind the use of pre-shadows before applying the shadows and opt for the eyeshadows of compact powder , as they are the most suitable to combat the natural oil of oily skin. Likewise, waterproof eyelash masks are a good choice to prevent skin from sticking with ease.

7.  An excellent makeup trick for the oily skin that the real professionals always carry out is to use small wipes or anti-grease paper to remove facial shine and grease from the face without spoiling the make-up. Try it, you’ll notice the difference!

If in addition to putting into practice all these makeup tricks for oily skin , you would like to know how to take care of it based on natural ingredients very effective and economical, as you can see the article How to make homemade face masks for oily skin .

tricks for oily skin
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  • Always choose cosmetics without oils, which do not contain alcohol and let the skin breathe.
  • Do not mix too many cosmetics as it can be counterproductive to oily skin.
  • Do not apply the makeup with your fingers. Brushes or sponges should be used at all times.