How to prepare an aphrodisiac dinner for Valentine’s Day

Since time immemorial there are many cultures that have been attributed to different beverages or food property to enhance the desire or sexual performance , constituting rites that have passed from generation to generation. At present there are many who consider the subject as a myth, however others do not dismiss these options giving room for doubt, are you one of them ?, then do not hesitate and surprise your partner this 14th February in are some ideas so you know how to prepare an aphrodisiac dinner for Valentine.


1.   To start this evening of Valentine ‘s Day uses the kernel as your ally, was associated for centuries with fertility is always welcome in salads. The Arugula , also considered an aphrodisiac in documents dating from the first century BC can be the basis of this perfect entry for a night of passion

2.   Another great idea to snack incorporates two key elements in feeding the aphrodisiac kind: seafood, such as shrimp , and garlic , which improves blood circulation, so some shrimp scampi is an excellent entry, worthy representative of a meal Intended to stimulate the senses

3.   Oysters are considered one of the most aphrodisiac foods that exist, due to its high content of zinc that stimulates the production of estrogen and testosterone, can become a great main course , also does not require much preparation, you only buy fresh and Serve with lemon, perfect for a Valentine’s dinner.

4.   This delicious food should always be accompanied by wine, one of the most provocative drinks that exist, and is that it relaxes us, disinhibits us, stimulates the senses, allows us to taste flavors, textures, aromas, all these elements are keys to sensuality, I consumed in moderation is the perfect prelude for sexual encounter in San Valentin.

5.   For dessert will not be short of options, but the best successful combination is that of the strawberry , which improves blood circulation, with the chocolate that releases serotonin influencing sexual desire, also this duo and their way of eating is very exciting level visual.

6.   Desserts based on honey are also a great option, since for centuries has been considered this food as a fundamental part of sexual rituals, maybe our ancestors are right, and February 14 is a good date to prove it.

7.   This dinner is the perfect prelude to a night of passion, if you want to know more than how to prepare a single sexual encounter, find out here.

8.   Remember also not forget any details regarding the preparation of the table and the environment, see our step on this topic in this link.

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