In the summer months we want to make the most of the good temperatures and longer days and between outdoor walks, mountain excursions, meetings on the terraces with clear friends and the beach our skin is completely exposed to the rays the sun that if we do not take the forecasts, they can cause damage and lead to premature aging. So in we want to give you the clues about how to properly use sunscreen and keep your beautiful skin in good condition.

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1.   The key thing is to choose the sun protection factor correctly depending on your skin type, the lighter skins need a much higher SPF just like children and pregnant women who are prone to suffer from skin blemishes. If you want to know how to choose the FPS see one of our articles here

2.   Apply the sun cream between 15 and 20 minutes before exposure, so your skin can absorb well and you will be properly protected

3.   Take into account that it is advisable to use a special sunscreen for the face and another for the rest of the body. When you apply especially in the face be sure to do so evenly and if spray seeks leaving no area uncovered.

4.   It is very important to remember to apply the cream in areas such as the ears and eyelids usually forget and end up with heat stroke. The nose (the bridge and the tip) usually requires extra protection as it usually burns more than the rest of the face.

5.   As for the body pay special attention to sensitive areas such as the chest and shoulders that are constantly exposed to the sun and usually the parts of the body where more freckles arise due to solar excesses.

6.   Behind the neck it is also a forgotten part after a busy day at the beach can be very affected by our carelessness, so if you want to properly apply sunscreen not overlook

7.   Because sometimes we bury our feet in the sand many people forget to apply sunscreen completely in this part of the body that is extremely delicate and suffers greatly due to sunburn. If you want to be able to wear shoes and sandals do not forget to take your feet into account

8.   Take into account that our skin is not always burned uniformly: it is normal for the arms, chest and belly to take on color sooner than the legs, so it is advisable to buy sunscreens with different FPS for use in more sensitive areas And get a uniform tan.

Properly use sunscreen and Take care of your skin and enjoy the summer!

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