Curly haired girls can also get a natural straightening that looks nice and radiant. Although many seem like an impossible task, following a routine of care and choosing the right products and materials, it is possible to achieve a very smooth and silky mane . In the following article of a How we give you the keys to know how to smooth curly hair and get a more than surprising result.


1.  First, use a thick, separate barbed comb to untangle hair and remove all knots. Then wash the hair as you usually do but do not overdo it in the conditioner application so that it does not look greasy when we straighten it.

2. Once you have washed your hair, remove excess water with a towel without rubbing it abruptly. Do it gently to prevent it from acquiring more volume. Now untwist your hair carefully with a wide-spiked comb. Try to do it with the hair well moist to avoid frizz .

3. Curly hair is naturally dry, so before smoothing it , it is essential to protect it from the heat of dryers and irons . Choose a quality thermal protector and apply it throughout the hair evenly. In addition, for the mane to look more beautiful and silky, apply a little smoothing serum on the tips and the middle area.

4. To smooth the curly hair well , divide it into the parts that are necessary, according to its quantity and volume, helping you with hair clips. Now, with a narrow nozzle dryer and a round brush , begin to stretch each strand of hair from the root to the tips. You should turn the round brush with a downward movement and accompanying it with the hair dryer to make the hair dry and smooth.
nozzle dryer

5. At the end of the smoothing, apply a blow of cold air with the dryer to smooth the hair fibers, fix the smooth effect and make hair more loose and beautiful.

6. If you notice that the result is too bulky, pass the hair iron through the different locks to achieve a perfect straightening. Ideally, ironing the iron with the aid of a comb so that the finish is more natural and the hair is not curled. Finally, apply some lacquer to fix the hairstyle ¡and go!

pass the hair iron
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