How to straighten your hair – man

The tendency to wear straight hair is becoming more popular among men. However, for some of them, wearing straight hair can be a real odyssey in case they have very rebellious hair or curls naturally in their hair. Fortunately, beauty industries are increasingly producing products ,that because of their ingredients and composition, have the ability to straighten hair. There are also simple techniques to straighten hair and other natural remedies that fulfill this function. In this article from Uncomo we tell you some tips and tricks on how to smooth the hair in a man so you can enjoy this look so popular.

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 How to straighten hair with a dryer
 Flat irons for hair straightening - man
 Hair Straightening with Keratin for Men
 Natural face mask with coconut milk and egg to straighten hair
 Other hair straightening tips for men

How to straighten hair with a dryer

If your hair is not excessively curly or rebellious you can try smoothing your hair with the help of a hair dryer . To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply a conditioner for smooth hair.
  2. Remove excess moisture from your hair before using the dryer. To do this, grab a towel and gently rub it against your hair and then peel it to untangle it. When you are finished apply a thermal protective spray on the hair so as not to damage it with the dryer.
  3. Now grab the dryer and a brush that is round, as they are simpler to use. Turn on the dryer and put it looking towards you while, with the brush, comb your hair back.
  4. While you brush your hair you should also move the dryer from top to bottom to prevent the heat from only giving at one point all the time.
  5. When you finish smoothing the hair with the hair dryer you can use a little serum or oil so your hair also has more shine and softness.

Flat irons for hair straightening – man

The use of irons is also a good method for smoothing a man’s hair . For this, you have to choose plates that are not very large, in case you have short hair, and that can reach at least a temperature of 175 degrees.

To smooth the hair with the irons you have to separate the hair in sections and go passing the irons in the opposite direction to your head, ie start near your scalp and stretch towards the tips. Remember not to use them too close to the scalp and not leave them more than 5 seconds in the hair, as you could burn and damage your hair.

Hair Straightening with Keratin for Men

Keratin is a hair treatment that has become very popular today for its effectiveness in smoothing the hair of both men and women. Keratin is a compound that naturally produces our body and thanks to its high protein content, is a vital substance for parts of our body like hair and nails.

Although not a very economical treatment, the hair treatment with keratin gives excellent results, leaving the hair very smooth and smooth. Although it can be applied at home, it is advisable to go to a hairdresser and let the professionals do their work. In addition, the smoothing with keratin for men is a very durable treatment since you can have totally straight hair for 6-8 weeks.

Natural face mask with coconut milk and egg to straighten hair

Another homemade method to straighten hair in men is the use of natural remedies such as masks to achieve smooth hair. In a COMO we recommend this natural mask with milk coconut and egg :

  • Coconut milk is a food that can function as a natural conditioner because of its smoothing properties which, in addition, will give incredible smoothness to a man’s hair.
  • The egg is a natural moisturizer for hair that also has a high protein content, which will make your hair more resistant besides giving it more shine and softness.

To smooth the man’s hair with this excellent natural mask you only have to mix 2 cups with coconut milk (make sure it is pure and does not contain any additives) with 1 egg. When you have beaten the mixture, apply it in your hair and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Then remove the excess mask and wrap your hair with kitchen paper to re-let the mask work for 30 minutes. After time has passed, rinse your hair and wash it as usual.

coconut milk

Other hair straightening tips for men

In addition to all the methods and techniques we have discussed, there are other ways to straighten the hair of men :

  • When your hair is wet, brush it every five minutes until it dries completely on its own. In this way, the hair will be smoothed naturally.
  • To smooth the hair in man you can also pick it up in a bun (in case you have long hair) when it is damp and let it air dry. When dry it will only have to brush.
  • The treatments with olive oil are also very useful to smooth the hair of a man since thanks to its composition has softening properties that make the hair more manageable when combing it.

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