The best vegetables to lose weight

To lose weight is essential to modify some habits, maintain a healthy diet and be consistent with an exercise routine. However, experts in the field say that 70% of the success of this formula due to meticulously monitor the food you eat. Although it can be difficult to change our eating habits, there are foods that can help make this process more bearable and successful.

The vegetables are a source of energy, nutrition and vitamins to the body, why are indispensable in all kinds of food. However, when the goal is to lose weight , there are some vegetables which can help us to facilitate and speed up the process. Do you want to know what they are? In this article  we invite you to discover what are the best vegetables to lose weight.


Among the best vegetables to lose weight highlights the onion. In addition to being very healthy and low in calories, this vegetable allows the body to purify liquids, avoiding the retention of them and promoting the release of toxins accumulated in the body. Onion also helps control blood sugar levels and is highly recommended to combat constipation .



The eggplants are some of the best vegetables to lose weight. Why is eggplant so good for weight loss? Because of its high content in water, which allows the body to detoxify and accelerate the process of burning fats. Also, eggplants have a low glyceride content and provide few calories. You can consume them in the vinaigrette or simply roast them in the oven to accompany some food.



The cucumber is also on the list of the best vegetables to lose weight. There are many benefits of cucumber , as well as being refreshing, it helps the body not dehydrate during the summer due to its high water content. Like onion and aubergines, it stimulates the release of fluids and toxins in the body, but also brings a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which allows to control anxiety and avoid meals at times. Consume it in salads or prepare a delicious cucumber juice.



The broccoli can not miss from vegetables to lose weight. Its high fiber content allows it to absorb body fat , eliminate toxins and improve liver function. It is highly recommended that people suffering from fatty liver consume broccoli to clean the organ and decrease fat. Broccoli fiber also helps combat constipation. However, if you are prone to stomach upset or gas, it is preferable that you avoid consumption.



In order to lose weight the consumption of zucchini is recommended. This vegetable is very low in calories and very rich in water, best of all, zucchini has the property of adopting the flavor of the herbs and spices with which you cook it, so you can know what you want to know . Zucchini also generates a feeling of fullness and as rich in fiber as broccoli. To obtain all the vitamins and nutrients that zucchini can bring to the body it is necessary to cook it with your skin and to steam it.



There are many benefits of garlic , and one of them is their ability to remove fat deposits in the body, allowing them to be expelled through the urine or feces. Ideally, consume one teaspoon of raw garlic daily or spread on a slice of whole wheat bread. If you can not stand its taste, then try to season your preparations with garlic, you will see that it will give an excellent taste to your healthy meals.


Vegetables of negative calories

The vegetables of negative calories are part of the best vegetables to lose weight. These vegetables are known because their caloric intake is so low that it is considered null. Fortunately, there are many vegetables that contribute negative calories, among which you can find celery, cabbage, green beans, radish, cauliflower and tomato.

 vegetables of negative calories

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