Tips for a night of passion

Who has not ever thought of preparing a unique evening for your partner ? a night in which the romance and passion are the protagonists, an event that memorable episode for your boy or girl. If you have time wanting to do but do not know where to start, here are some good tips for a night of passion that no one will forget.

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Start with the dinner

If you have the opportunity to cook something special at home do, prepare a table set with candles, a nice white tablecloth, a scenario that stimulates sensations to visual and taste level, advantage if you have a knack for cooking or if a dish comes out you very good. If you do not cook but prefer the intimacy of the home buys something already done and serve it at home, otherwise go to dinner to a special place that both enjoy and be the prelude to what will happen later.

Show yourself provocative

Whether at home or in a restaurant show yourself seducerĀ  from the start, get dressed, if possible with something you know she likes your partner, choose an insinuating scent that awakens feelings and do not forget the casual caresses and kisses Delicious from time to time. It is to show little by little that something special will happen tonight.

Set the stage

There are two possible locations for a night of delicious passion , at home or in a hotel. If you choose the house it is important that you prepare the room with aromatic candles and dim light, other than the room. If you choose a hotel choose one of quality, that allows them to escape from the routine and please one or another fantasy

Choose a sensual outfit

If you’re a girl looks much the details of your underwear, choose a sexy set with lace and satin, ideal to seduce. If you’re a kid wear the underwear you know she loves, give it to her from start to finish.

Leave the routine aside

To achieve different results you have to do things differently, do not forget. If you want a night of passion like few try something different , new positions, new ways to please. Do what your partner likes and let yourself also please looking for a change.

Dedicate yourself to enjoy

Do not be afraid to enjoy this night of passion and sex with your partner, focus on intimacy but try experimenting with new sensations or different things. Pleased once sexual fantasy , and devote yourself to enjoy the evening you have prepared.
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  • For an unforgettable night of passion it is important to be willing to experiment and get out of the rut.
  • Do not be seductive with your partner and show your sensual side, you will surely be thankful