Tips for a passionate night in valentine day

Valentine’s Day  is undoubtedly the most romantic celebration of the calendar, a special date to tell the loved one how much you enjoy being at his side. But the February 14 not only roses, perfect romantic evenings and details are the protagonists, because nothing better to close with a flourish that a good sexual encounter, so in tipsfromexperts we give you some tips for a night Passion on valentine.

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A big dinner

To begin the conquest on Valentine’s Day, nothing better than to give a taste to our palate. Take advantage if you have a knack for cooking or if a dish comes out you well to prepare an evening at home , set with candles and all relevant romantic details, if you do not cook but prefer the privacy of home buying something done and serve it at home, otherwise go to dinner at a special place that you both enjoy and that is the prelude to what will happen later.

The art of provocation

Whether at home or in a restaurant, be seductive from the beginning, dress well, if possible with something that you know your partner likes, choose an insinuating perfume that arouses feelings and do not forget the casual caresses and kisses Delicious from time to time. It is gradually show tonight happen something special.

The ideal scenario

There are two possible locations for a night of passion delicious in San Valentin, at home or in a hotel. If you choose the home is important to prepare the room with scented candles and dim light, other than the usual room . If you choose a hotel choose one of quality, that allows them to escape from the routine and please one or another fantasy.

Dress to kill

If you’re a girl looks much the details of your lingerie , choose a sensual satin set with lace and ideal to seduce. If you’re a kid wear the underwear you know she loves, give it to her from start to finish.

Not to the routine

To achieve different results you have to do things differently, do not forget. If you want a night of San Valentin worth remembering test something different , new positions, new ways to please. Do what your partner likes and let yourself also please looking for a change.


Do not be afraid to enjoy this night of passion and sex with your partner, focus on intimacy but try experimenting with new sensations or different things. Pleased once sexual fantasy , explores their points of pleasure and dedicate yourself to enjoy this moment full of desire and romance.

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  • Do not forget that attitude is important, be sensual and passionate
  • You can enliven the evening with romantic music that stimulates the senses